Spaghetti Carbonara

[#653] - A rich creamy Carbonara pasta meal with Rotisserie roasted Chicken chunks. - 190 THB

Chicken Green Curry Pasta

[#656] - East meets West. This aromatic, creamy and extremely tasty dish will make you crave for more, with that little extra spice. - 190 THB

Chicken Tom Yum Pasta

[#655] - Spaghetti which is really not that different to noodles is flavoured with a spicy, sweet, tangy and savory local sauce and tender chicken. - 170 THB

Chicken Tom Yum Rice

[#651] - Aromatic Tom Yum herbs with a special KRR cooking method with chicken and rice. - 170 THB

Tom Yum Pasta

[#654] - Meat free vegetarian option. - 150 THB

Tom Yum Rice

[#650] - Meat free vegetarian option. - 150 THB